IBM AI Training Chatbot -Part 1

The first step towards setting up a chatbot is to identify the purpose of the chatbot. The hypothesis that I want to test is the efficacy of a chatbot as a training tool and hence this is the purpose of my chatbot.

An IBM Chatbot requires the below minimum setup to build a conversational Bot.

  • IBM Cloud Account: Create a free IBM Cloud account and add the resource ‘Watson Assistant’
  • Assistant: An assistant helps the end users with their requests directed to the Bot. I created an assistant with the name ‘AWS Certification Assistant’
  • Skills: Skills contain the training (that we need to configure) so that the Bot (Assistant) can respond to user queries
  • Every Assistant needs to be associated with one skill at the least.
  • A Skill can be a Dialog Skill or Actions Skill. We will look at details of each type of skill during actual setup
  • Intents: In very basic terms, Intents are the reasons why an end-user may interact with the bot. E.g. book a hotel or get account information etc.
  • Intents are defined within the Skill setup.

For the bot to identify an intent, we need to setup user examples for each intent.

E.g. for an Intent ‘#Cancel_Account”, below can be sample examples:

  • Cancel my account
  • I want to cancel
  • Close my account
  • I want to drop my account
  • I want to cancel my policy

Dialog: Simply put, setting up a Dialog is the process of configuring the responses to the user queries.

User questions (assigned to Intents) are routed to the relevant response- text, option based response, image, transfer to a channel or human agent.

With this basic understanding, we will configure the Bot in the next posts.

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