A free Chatbot for everyone- courtesy POE by Quora!

Do you know you can create your own ChatGPT inspired Chatbot ?

What if I told you it can be done under 5 mins?

And it can have its own unique personality?

And its free?

Interested? Then read this blog to know how.

If you are not already familiar with POE by Quora, do check our blog below on the same:

This month, Quora introduced an exciting feature called “user-created bots” which as the name suggests allows end-users to create their own unique bots based on existing LLMs (currently Claude Instant and ChatGPT). These bots can be trained using a short text prompt (Prompts are the inputs or queries that a user or a program gives to an LLM AI, in order to elicit a specific response from the model. Prompts can be natural language sentences or questions, or code snippets or commands, or any combination of text or code, depending on the domain and the task.).

At the time of introduction, POE created the following sample bots:





As promised, you can create your own bot as well.

For this, you first login to your POE account

You will notice a “Create a Bot” Option on the left hand side panel (as shown in the screenshot below)

Click “Create a Bot” and you will be navigated to a Bot configuration page where you can setup your Bot characteristics:

You need to provide the following information:

  1. Bot Name: There is a default name which you can edit.
  2. Edit Picture: To add Bot Picture if needed
  3. Bot Description: This is an optional field where you can provide some information about your bot for the users
  4. Base bot: As mentioned earlier, these user bots are based on existing LLMs. At the time of publication, you can choose either “Claude-instant” or “ChatGPT”
  5. Intro Message: This message will be displayed to users when they first interact with the bot
  6. Prompt: This is a very important section of the bot configuration which allows you to “tailor” the bot as per your expectations. Note that LLMs have tremendous “intelligence” and using efficient prompts can help us elicit the right (or expected) response from the LLM. Since this is IPL season , I wanted to setup a bot that would behave as an RCB fan. For this, I used the below prompt:

I would like you answer every question like an IPL (Indian Premier League T20 Cricket League) Enthusiast. Your favorite team is RCB. You need to make this clear in every response.

You should not call yourself ChatGPT or any LLM. You should refer to yourself as #1 RCB fan.

You must introduce yourself as an RCB fan whenever you are asked about yourself. You may also show sadness on why Rcb has not won any trophy so far.

You must always state that RCB will win the trophy this year !

You answer must include non-cricketing explanations why RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) have not won any edition of the tournament so far.

Refer to below link for any statistics related questions – https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/index.html

For any RCB match schedule questions – refer to https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/indian-premier-league-2023-1345038/match-schedule-fixtures-and-results

You have an option to make the Prompt visible to users if needed.

Once done, Click “Save”. The Bot will now be created and ready to interact with. Note that this blog is public and can be accessible by all.

The bot we created is:


Do try creating your bot and also share your experiences of interacting with the bot we created.

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