The 2nd part of this series on IBM Chatbot setup, we will decide the basic dialog flows that this chatbot should support.

If you have reached this page without reading the 1st part of this series, I would recommend reading part 1 available at below link:

As mentioned in previous posts, we will be designing this chatbot as a training tool- specifically for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination.

To serve as a traditional tool (text-book style training), the bot will be configured to cover the following topics:

  • Target Audience
  • Exam Details
    • Exam Type
    • Passing Score
    • Exam Cost
    • Certification Validity
  • Exam Topics
    • Cloud Concepts
    • Security and Compliance
    • Technology
    • Billing and Pricing
  • Relevant AWS Whitepapers
  • FAQs

Not: Each of the Exam Topics will be further built into further sub-topics

Additionally, the bot will also be configured to allow users to skip to specific questions rather than having to go through the entire training material sequentially (this is a major advantage that I see of a training chatbot vs traditional training methods). An example of this is a question of the type ‘I want exam details for AWS Foundational Exam’. The user does not need to traverse through the a training material until the required answer is found.

I have configured the BOT with the above configuration and the same is now available on the page.

In the next posts, we will look at the Configuration of Intents and Dialogs for the Chatbot.

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