Adding the IBM Chatbot to my page!

As mentioned by me, one of the objectives of this page is to examine the feasibility of using chat bot as a training tool! I have zeroed in on IBM Chatbot based on Watson Assistant and Amazon Lex. I will try to compare the real time workings of both the chatbots in subsequent posts.

For now, I have created test chatbot and added it to my page. You should be able to see it at the bottom right side of the page.

Adding the IBM Chatbot to this page was fairly straightforward. IBM provides a small embed code which are be added to the HTML page. Since this page is created using WordPress, I was able to add this code to the ‘Custom HTML’ widget provided.

Note: You can create a free account on IBM Cloud and add ‘IBM Watson Assistant’ service.

I will cover the steps of adding useful content to the bot as and when I build it.

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