The chatbot setup for the “AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam” is now complete. I will now test the hypothesis of whether I can use the chatbot as an efficient training tool to help pass this certification. To this effect, I will exclusively be ‘studying’ using this chatbot. If I see any deficiencies, I will try to update the BOT configuration as well document the same here.

Here are some stats regarding this bot setup:

i. One Dialog Skill

ii. 95 intents (IBM provides 100 intents with a free account so I was happy to wrap under this limit)

iii. 23 entities

iv. 171 dialog nodes

I also noticed that this BOT does not currently have any ” testing” skills to help user check their preparedness. I will examine the possibility of using the “Actions” Skill for setting this up.

One shortcoming to this approach is that an Assistant can support only one Dialog Skill or Actions Skills but not both. So I will examine the feasibility of setting up a new Assistant with “Actions Skills” to setup a test.

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